The needle stick nonsense (another update later) and the tragic, traumatic death of my friend of 35 years and her son caused the delay in this update being posted. I had actually written down the daily experiences including measurements of weight and inches lost/gained at the start, end, plus 1 week after and 1 month later. Unfortunately, the information was somehow deleted from the notes app on my phone.

Maybe, that’s a good thing. Although I did lose 11 lbs and 1″ at both hips & waist, the experience had me feeling weak and drained from the distressing bodily functions that ensued. I had described it all in graphic detail in my log. Since that is lost, you will be spared the disgusting tale.

If asked whether I’d do this again, I would vehemently shake my head. I will stick to intermittent fasting. It is easier on my body and mind. I have had better results in weight and inches lost with intermittent fasting anyway.

Here is a great article on intermittent fasting:

Intermittent Fasting 101 — The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide


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