I’m so in love with how the subconscious mind works through things when the conscious mind shuts down and refuses to deal. I just woke up in a semi-euphoric state in the midst of all of the chaos that is my current, self-caused environment. I had an awesome dream about me and a wonderful man being so in love and accepting of one another that we compromised and worked things out in a win-win way any time either of us were bothered by something. And, we loved each other so much that no outside influences could hurt our relationship.

Then, there were the trains. I kept getting on the wrong train to get home; but, I kept my patience and considered every track as an adventure even when it took me away from where I wanted to go. I met all kinds of awesome people and had great conversations. Unfortunately, the last train separated me from my love. At first, I was afraid that when we finally arrived in the same place, we would have spent so much time apart that the relationship would be lost. During that time, the train that I was on exploded and crashed! Some of the passengers, including me, were thrown into a different plane of existence where all was love and, although we were each physically separate, we were all soul-connected. It felt like an orgasm of the soul. We were allowed by the Universe to stay for a time. Then, we were moved through a veil-like membrane back to the reality we had come from with a mission to spread the consciousness of love and soul-consciousness. A short time after I returned, my man and I found each other again; and, because of the change of consciousness in that present reality, we felt more love for each other than ever before!

Then, the dream shifted. My daughter and I were looking for something. Only she knew what it was. I saw Dave sitting in the audience of a performance of the symphony. I pointed him out to my daughter and said, “I have a feeling that he knows where it is. How do we get him to tell us? He refuses to talk to me.” To which she said, “I can get him to tell me without him recognizing me or even know what is happening. Watch.”

She, went over to him with a flirtatious vibe acting like she was lost. She pulled a ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ on him giving him the unspoken desire to show us a room. When we entered the room, he left us alone in there.

The room was decorated with polished cedar walls. One of the walls had one square area that extended out a few inches from the rest of the wall. She went over and pushed on it. The square moved flush with the wall. When that happened, a hidden alcove opened up. There was a statue of Buddha on a shelf at the top of the back of the alcove. She smiled at me and said, “This is the Buddha Room.” We looked at each other and melted into a Zen experience where nothing mattered except for just ‘being’.

Then, I woke up. šŸ˜ŠšŸ’•


9 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I’m glad you wrote this down so that way it could serve as a reminder to you and to others. This dream, your word choices, have really struck a chord with me. I’m shaking, but that could just be the diabetes. Holy shit. I don’t know what to say… honestly… I don’t know who Dave is to you… But I have an ex named Dave and he is “the ex” I’ve referred to in my blog. LOL and I credit him as a fundamental influence on who I am now. I dunno… your dream… your word choices… fuuuuuuccckkkkkkk


    1. Oh, wow! Thank you for the awesome compliment! šŸ’–

      My blog post, “Letter to DM” is to Dave. We were friends for about 4 years. Then, I blew it by telling him when I was mad to stop talking to me. I have made innumerable attempts at fixing it to no avail. Everytime I think I am over it cuz I haven’t thought of him for months, he appears in a farking dream of mine and I start obsessing all over again. It’s really annoying to me and I’m sure to him too; cuz that’s when I usually post something snarky on his social media.

      There are 6 people and my previous employer that keep popping into my dreams when I think I’m over them. I’m trying to figure out what the trigger is; because, all of these relationships had ended decades ago. I mean, I dreamt about Noreen the night before last for no apparent reason. The last contact I had with her was back in 1988 when she flipped out and called me at work threatening to kill me.

      All of these relationships ended with me feeling devastated. With 3 of the people, the dreams are happy reunions. With the other 3, they are nightmares of them trying to kill me. With my previous employer, I dream that I’m being persecuted by upper management. I feel like my subconscious is addicted to the pain.


  2. Not addicted to pain. Reminding you of it. Reminding you of the lessons you gained from these people. Whoever Dave is, he taught you what it felt to be loved and the joy and confidence that comes from that. We shut off our hearts from other people terrified of getting hurt again, but it just means we won’t feel that joy either.
    There are 6 people you’ve been dreaming about, 3 on one side and 3 on the other. And now you have to pick which side of the “cosmic war” you get to be on.

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      1. Well, crud, I hit the button accidentally. Anyway, if in my dream, I could just kill the ones that are trying to kill me, the dreams would stop. However, no matter how hard I try, they refuse to die just like zombies.


      2. Well the thing about zombies is that they don’t have any of that higher cognitive function. They’re just their animalistic survival “predator/prey” “kill/be killed” sort of functioning.To be a zombie means that your soul is essentially dead, you’re just going through the motions of life. But the new “rage zombies” (as opposed to the original shuffling slow zombies)? They’re representative of anger and resentment. You know when we’re jealous? We can either be satisfied (but still kind of sad) basking in someone’s reflected glory; or we can be vindictive and “it’s not enough to win, the other person must lose”. It’s about mindset.
        It’s okay to not always win. But don’t be bogged down about your losses either. And OMFG don’t drag other people down with you.
        If that makes sense? You can’t control their behaviour, and you can’t stop feeling hurt from their actions. But you can control what you choose to do about it. You know? You did what you could, and if it was the best that you could do (without transgressing any personal, moral or legal boundaries) then that’s it,. That’s all you can do any you just have to let it go. It’s so much easier said than done. I know I know. But when it’s all “so meta and not physical” what else can you do? You know? I don’t know???


  3. You are right about needing to let things go and avoid dragging people down with you.

    The things you said when you described the zombies, I can see that in them and me. The rage began for them because my ethics made things difficult for them. I refuse to sit by and watch others be hurt; even if my friends are the ones doing the hurting. They felt that I betrayed them because I refused to support what they were doing. So, the next target for them was me.

    The rage began for me out of extreme sadness to find out that they were the opposite of what I had thought they were. And, angry at myself for having blinders on for so long. Then, angry at them for wanting to hurt me for doing what I felt was the right thing to do.

    These dreams sometimes feel like a psychic attack. However, my mind knows that I am doing it to myself. What I need to do is unpack my emotional baggage, sort through the contents, and throw away everything that no longer fits.


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